Digital Formation, Inc.     Technical Document #1008

Subject: CrypKey (software security) messages and resolutions

Product: All Digital Formation Products

Last Updated: February 22, 1999


This document lists and describes the possible error messages that can be displayed from the software security scheme used by Digital Formation, Inc., along with the possible ways to resolve them. Most problems occur because the software has been installed to a network location that is not setup to allow network access, or the software evaluation period has expired.



Initialization Failure
Error #:#


The software security NT driver or Novell NLM is not running, or is not the right version. Check that the appropriate files are installed (see Drivers section below). If the Digital Formation product is installed to a local hard drive, the security driver must be installed on the local PC. If the product is installed to a network drive, the security driver must be installed and running on the server.

Note: If you are running NT, and the software is loaded to a local hard drive, the NT security driver must be loaded.  Please see the Drivers section below.


Authorization Failure
Error #:#


Then either the Evaluation or lease/license period has expired. Contact Digital Formation or your reseller to purchase or update the software. See the product Windows help file for details on authorizing your product. Please be sure to indicate whether you are requesting a license for a stand-alone PC (local hard drive) or a network server license. If you are attempting to authorize the product on a network driver (i.e. Novell), then you will need to use the Key Manager program to get a Site Code for us to generate you an Authorization Code. The Key Manager program is in the C:\Program Files\product\Bin directory, and is called KeyMan.exe.


Authorization Failure
Error #:#
NETWORK NOT ALLOWED for product_name


This situation occurs when you are trying to run a stand-alone product over a network. If you intended to have a network license, then you will need to send us the Site Code again so we can generate the appropriate server Authorization Code. You may need to use the Key Manager program to do this licensing. Otherwise, you will need to use the PC that has the software loaded locally.


See the WinNT.htm and Network.htm files in the C:\Program Files\product\Bin\Network directory for additional information.

  • NT:

    The driver that should be loaded is comprised of two files:

    C:\WinNT\System32\CrypServ.EXE, dated October 13, 1998, size 66,048 bytes.
    C:\WinNT\System32\CklDrv.SYS, dated October 13, 1998, size 24,000 bytes.
  • Novell:

    The NLM that should be loaded is one file:

    CKSERVER.NLM, dated November 05, 1998, size 33,389 bytes.

    If your NLM is a different date or size, or is perhaps called CKSERVE.NLM (without the 'R'), it is the wrong version.

  • Conclusions

    In the event that an error message occurs that is not listed here, or the solution presented here does not solve the problem, please contact Digital Formation, Inc. Technical Support ( When contacting us, please provide the following:

    Your Name
    Company (if applicable)
    Digital Formation Product being used, and complete version number
    Complete message text, and error codes if displayed
    Operating System
    Location where product is installed (local or network drive)
    Any other details you think may be important, or solutions you have attempted

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